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5G mobile phone signal jammer is gradually appearing in people’s field of vision

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5G commercialization will be completed in 2020, so will 5G signals be ubiquitous? It’s been 3 years. So far, there are still some remote areas without 4G networks. Therefore, even if 5G is commercialized in 2020, it will only be implemented in some cities.

After the commercial use of 5G, the Internet speed of mobile phones will be dozens of times that of 4G. However, the initial support for mobile phones is relatively small, the signal coverage is unlimited, and the initial price is relatively expensive. Therefore, not everyone will choose to switch to 5G mobile phones, so if users wait until 5G becomes popular to buy 5G mobile phone signal jammers, there may be a waiting period of one or two years on both sides.

Since the potential risk of interference signals to the human body has been widely concerned, in many cases, participants are reluctant to use mobile phone jammers; at the same time, because the mainstream broadband mobile system in my country is a time division duplex system, the current interference signals seriously affect normal communication. . In view of these achievements, this paper studies the influence of the non-thermal effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health, analyzes the relationship between the transmission power, the minimum safety interval and the effective interference radius of the mobile phone signal jammer, and proposes the concept and working principle. s application. The principle of green jammer and the use of LTE green jammer prototype system development,