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What is a cell phone jammer?

A cell phone jammer is a device that prevents the transmission or reception of a signal, usually by interfering in some way in the opposite frequency range used by the cell phone. It is designed to help people deal with different problems from cell phones, radio signals and wireless connections. Each one is designed for a specific frequency range. Of course, the design of jammers is also more and more inclined towards comprehensive performance. This means jammers can block more and more frequencies.

Application scenario

Jammers help people avoid the threats posed by mobile phones, wifi signals, drones, etc., so that the privacy of mobile phones is in their own hands.


Libraries and reading rooms are quiet environments prohibiting cell phone calls - but not everyone fits the bill! A cell phone jammer or blocker in the reading room or library will help with this.


Ringing your cell phone device in a meeting or meeting adds to any effort by the parties to agree on something. Using a GSM cell phone jammer at a meeting will take care of everything.


The exams passed by the mobile phone let hundreds of students solve the problems they could not easily solve! Jammers in exams will protect us from this!


In any case, the task of prison supervision must be strengthened. More and more mobile phones are being smuggled into prisons, and barriers between outside and outside of prisons have been broken. In order to curb this phenomenon, prisons may need to introduce cell signal jammer.

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Our shop is a global online signal jammer retail and wholesale company, specializing in the production of various signal jammer equipment, cell phone jammers, GPS jammers, wifi jammers, wireless signal jammers, drone jammers, etc. Disrupting industries to serve more people or places that need disruption. We promise that the quality of each product is the best, and we will test it before shipping to ensure that it is not damaged and can be used normally.


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To buy goods in our store, we promise not to disclose any of your payment information and create the best payment environment.

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We will communicate with you and solve problems through email, online chat, etc.

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In most cases, we will arrange delivery within 1-2 business days after your payment is successful.

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Will there be radiation when the mobile phone signal is shielded, and is it harmful to the human body?

Regarding radiation, as long as the size of the electronic product is, there will be radiation. Any electrical device emits radiation. Just like the mobile phones we usually use, when we lean on our ears every day, it will inevitably emit radiation. The country has also formulated mobile phone radiation specifications. The radiation generated by the mobile phone signal jammer is far lower than the national standard.


Why does the shielding ratio have the error described in the manual during the shielding installation task?

The shielding size of the jammer is related to the strong electromagnetic field at the shielding site and the distance from the communication station. Generally, it is best to be 200 meters away. The manufacturer is testing under normal conditions, so the size of the shield will be a little bit wrong.

wifi signal jammer

Buy jammer signal blocker.

As a professional signal jammer supplier, we provide and sell various jammer products, such as cell phone jammers, GSM jammers, GPS jammers, WiFi/Bluetooth jammers, 5G jammers, drone jammers, etc. All products here are high quality and designed to provide more bento for those in need. So, let’s take cell phone jammers and GPS jammers as an example. Although they are different types, they also have some things in common and are helpful to people. This means that both phone blockers and GPS jammers can help maintain people’s privacy.

However, before you buy, you need to understand what you want to signal to your jammer and what frequency bands you want to block, so you can go straight to the right catalog and choose exactly the jammer you want.

The radio jammer uses frequency multiplication, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies for the mobile phone system’s uplink and downlink channels to analyze the required shielding frequency; according to the power of the shielding body, a spherical shielding space is customized, and a shielding magnetic field is automatically formed within the specified range. Make the phone in the space take effect. When the jammer is in the working state, it can make the 3G 4G 5G signal transceiver function within the specified range take effect, and it is impossible to dial out and dial in, so as to achieve the purpose of forced suppression.

What is a cell phone signal jammer?

A cell phone jammer is a device that blocks the transmission of signals between cell towers and cell phones. These devices were developed for the military, schools and law enforcement. In order to prevent lawbreakers from monitoring the military, the installation of cell phone signal jammers in schools will allow students to listen carefully in class and avoid cheating in exams.

Often by some form of interference occurring in the opposite frequency range used by the cell phone. It is designed to assist people with different problems from cell phones, radio signals and wireless connections. Each one is designed for a specific frequency range. Of course, the design of jammers is also more and more inclined towards comprehensive performance. This means jammers can block more and more frequencies

The device is made to block signals in environments where cell phones would not be appropriate, such as theaters, churches, classrooms, libraries, and operating rooms. Cell phone jammer allow their owners to block other people in their vicinity from using their phones. It is easy to use and carry. Desktop jammers have better jamming capabilities and greater electronic jamming range This device can be divided into frequency, frequency band and function according to the class of jammer properties.

Today, mobile phones have a massive impact on everyone on the planet. They are considered a huge and popular form of communication used by over a billion people worldwide. The proliferation of mobile phones and smartphones has not only brought us benefits, but also disadvantages of those who use such devices. That’s why we firmly believe that everyone should have a cell phone jammer, an essential must-have gadget for everyday life.

A cell phone jammer is essentially described as a device that interferes with the cell phone network, preventing communication from nearby cell towers/stations. Once the phone enters its jamming range, the cell phone shielding device jams its signal by picking up higher and weaker frequencies, putting the phone in an “out of service” state. The user will not be able to answer or make calls as the acceptance of the cellular phone will be completely disabled.

Best Jammer

Ajammer is a 9 year old international manufacturer and retail supplier of cell phone jammer, also known as frequency blockers, and a range of equipment and services designed to preserve the inalienable right of individuals to privacy and security.

We are headquartered in China, where it is legal to provide any data of our customers to government agencies or third parties. Nonetheless, we primarily operate in Europe and the Americas and the Middle East.

As you can see, we only offer top-notch cellular jamming equipment with outstanding customer service from inquiry to purchase to application.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we know how to guide our customers in choosing a signal jammer that meets their needs. ajammer also sells custom jamming devices and wholesale jamming devices. We are proud to assist you in “picking” the best cell phone jammer for your needs among the best-in-class devices for sale in our online store.

As wireless technology continues to evolve, it is everyone’s responsibility to assist in maintaining silence where it is needed through our professional equipment.

How do cell phone jammers work?

Cell phone jammers are classified as signal blockers, GPS jammers or text blockers, which block radio frequencies in a given area, creating a kind of signal transmission jam that prevents all communications. As long as the user is within range of the cell phone jammer, no calls or messages can be sent or received.

Cell phone blockers are designed to block mobile devices by transmitting canonical signals at the exact opposite frequency. However, the key is to make sure it does this with a decent amount of power, where the two signals successfully collide, or even cancel each other, causing an outage in service.

In basic jargon, the phone is actually tricked into believing that no service is available in the area. Thus, when people try to use their phones in an area that was once blocked, they appear as if they are just in an unserved area.

Phone jammers work in a variety of ways. Special panels are installed on the walls to actively block the signal. There is another device – a cell phone jammer, which detects the presence of a working cell phone within a certain radius. The cell phone signal is blocked when a call attempt is detected. Radio jammers also block incoming calls. In this state, the phone enters standby mode.

You can buy portable cell phone jammers and powerful desktop jammers at our online store ajammer.com. Frequency jammers work with radio signals, and if the detector registers a signal intricately, the jammer will disturb it. For these reasons, jammers for mobile devices are the best means of advanced spyware. Jammers for cell phones are today’s best protection against eavesdropping and encroachment on business and personal life.

Are cell phone jammers legal?

You’re not alone if the prospect of a cell phone jammer has your imagination swept up to a secret plot by an evil Bond villain in his lair. That’s why — you guessed it — it’s legal to sell, advertise, distribute, or operate cell phone jammer in the United States and most of the world.

Because mobile jammer devices are designed to disrupt “authorized radio communications,” the FCC considers cellular and WiFi jammer devices to “pose a serious hazard to critical public safety communications, prevent you and others from making emergency calls, and disrupt law enforcement.” communication.”

In addition to public safety concerns, radio frequencies are protected by law under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits interference with authorized radio broadcasts.

Why use a cell phone jammer?

Commuters on trains and buses have become increasingly impolite and rude. They think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Well, shut them up with a GSM cellular jammer. They’ll look around in confusion, trying to figure out why the phone isn’t getting a signal. Maybe that’s the price they pay for talking loudly on the bus to annoy others who have to get to work in the early morning.

To sum up, this is the basic purpose of our cell phone jammer, which must be implemented in places of worship where religious gatherings are held, such as mosques, churches, synagogues, temples, etc. They require theaters, dining halls, work spaces, and most classrooms in such places. Needless to say, every teen these days has the latest smartphone that can disrupt lessons and disturb other students, not to mention cheating on exams.

In addition, governments around the world are now considering the idea of ​​installing such devices in prisons and other sensitive government areas.Always keep in mind that distraction devices must be used with care. While being forced to listen to strangers chattering on the phone for the entire journey on the bus can be annoying.With the improvement of technology, our life is more and more convenient. However, it also brought a lot of trouble:

Phones can be tapped, WiFi can be hacked, electronic devices with cameras can be hacked, and personal privacy is threatened. Not to mention the ubiquitous drone and GPS positioning. In order to maintain your personal privacy and communication security, you may need to try using a wifi jammer.With the popularity of smart devices, in addition to the above-mentioned places, other places also need such devices.

There is no doubt that email and the Internet are relative necessities in most offices. But the phone? In a Pew Research Center survey, only 24 percent of adults working full-time or part-time rated their cell phone or smartphone as “very important” to accomplish tasks. In other studies, 50% of bosses thought mobile phones were bad for productivity.

Just as parents have the ability and right to cut off Wi-Fi in their home, they should have the option to cut off the cellular signal if needed. Grabbing phones out of their hands and putting them in flying form might not work, and turning a house into a Faraday cage is the extreme that any tin foil hat crowd should try. However, a home cell phone jammer should be an option whenever needed or necessary.

However, in the US, if you own a car, you also need this device. Why do you say that? There are two reasons. The first reason is GPS tracking. With GPS trackers becoming more common in the US, you never know when you’re being tracked. The second reason is driving safety. As we all know, today’s young people cannot do without mobile phones. It’s not hard to imagine them talking on the phone while driving. This is very dangerous! ! ! So we need a jammer to keep them from using the phone.

In addition to the above equipment, anti-tracking jammers are also very necessary. Today, because GPS tracking devices are easy to buy, they are easy to install in cars. At this time, a GPS backtracking jammer is required.Of course, with the popularity of drones, more and more organizations and groups need to use drone jammers to manage them.

Proponents of the technology argue that signal jamming devices are necessary in many places where humans seem unable to abide by generally accepted rules of proper cell phone etiquette. Think schools, theaters, vehicles, or other quiet train excursions…just about any place where talking, texting, streaming, etc. can be considered disruptive or even risky.

Keep in mind that mobile jammers don’t just block voice and text on your phone, they can interfere with GPS, WiFi, and perhaps most problematically – police radar. That’s why, as noted above, the federal government prohibits the sale, promotion, and use of cell phone jammers in the United States. So if you want a little peace and quiet with your shiny new signal blocker, you might just have to settle for earbuds.

The Basics of Cell Phone Blockers

Being able to successfully jam a cell phone signal is basically the opposite of jamming any other type of mobile radio communication with a standard signal blocker. Remember that wireless devices can function by communicating directly with their designated service network through base stations or towers. These towers divide the city into units or smaller areas.

When a cellphone user drives down the street, the signal is passed like a football between towers along the way. Cell phone blockers can successfully transmit over the exact same radio frequencies used by these wireless devices.

This “white noise” effectively disrupts the communication between the base station located inside the tower and the cell phone. This is what the term “serviceless” technically refers to. Cell phone jammer kits are specifically designed to counteract signals within the radio spectrum of cell phones that are present within range of the jamming device.

Interference range and output power explained

This depends in detail on the unit power and the external environment and signal strength. To some extent, this can also include things like walls inside buildings that can slightly attenuate the signal transmitted by the signal jammer.

Low-powered mobile blockers can block all calls within about 60 feet, while higher-powered models can create a football-field-sized “service dead zone.”

Let’s start by saying that the stronger the cell phone signal of a location, the smaller the operating range of the jamming device. Therefore, it is recommended to check the mobile phone reception status of the area where the jammer needs to cause interference in advance. This will determine the output power of the jammer you need.

The basic thing you need to understand about frequency blockers is that they don’t magically work according to the specifications mentioned, but create a “dead zone” wherever you place them. That’s not how they work.

Three secondary factors that determine the success of the device are: output power, antenna type and cooling system.

While a cell phone signal is strong somewhere, all three of these elements can have a huge impact on its interference range and overall performance and durability. For example, a signal blocker with a total output power of 8W is not as functional as a device with a total output power of 15W. Directional antennas provide a wider interference radius as they concentrate all output power in one direction, while omnidirectional antennas provide 360° coverage, resulting in a greater range, even if every meter counts, but not significantly . In addition, the primary cooling fan keeps the jammer from overheating, allowing the jammer to last longer in terms of functionality and life.

To sum up, only after considering all the above factors, you can choose the most suitable signal blocker for your needs. Always keep the following in mind: the higher the wattage, the wider the disturbance.

Will cell phone signal blockers block cell phone signal boosters?

Yes, cell phone jammer can interfere with your signal booster. A signal booster works by shrinking an existing signal, but if that cellular signal is blocked, it doesn’t matter how strong it is – a signal jammer will interfere.

The rarest case for a cell phone jammer is no service. While applications that claim to detect signal jammers do exist, they are largely unproven and require a working signal to be effective. Without highly advanced military technology, cell phone jammers would simply not be clearly detectable by the average consumer.

What is the dark side of mobile phones

Cell phones are great communication tools, effective and efficient in many ways, but there are still people who use these devices in places where they need to be quiet. In many different public places (theaters, restaurants, concerts, funeral homes, churches), people are largely unaware of putting their phones away. For others, it may be socially unbearable, and they are frustrated by those who decide to do whatever they want, even when there are clear signs against using their phones.

There is a way to eliminate these problems instantly by using a cell phone jammer. Understanding how signal interference works on wireless devices will help to clearly understand and appreciate their overall value.

What is the average effective interference interference range?

The range of cell phone jammers depends on the power and environment and signal strength. To some extent, this may also include walls within buildings, etc. that can slightly attenuate the signal transmitted by signal jammers.

Low-power cell phone jammers can block all calls within about 60 feet, while higher-power ones can create coverage the size of a football field.

Invention of cell phone jammers can create a quiet environment

In many countries, there are no clear legal rules about mobile phone jammers, but regarding our use, we need to pay attention to relevant issues according to our needs, including the maintenance of device functions and the place to prevent use. The device may injure others, etc. Signal jammers are the most common of our cell phone signal jammers. High-power cell phone signal jammers prohibit the use of mobile phones to prevent phone harassment and stop cell phones from ringing.

Cell phone jammers are the best tool for preventing cell phone use. In addition, cell phone jammers can also allow your child to grow in a good environment. Why do you need cell phone jammers? With the development of smart phones, more and more problems are introduced into people’s lives, exposing more and more security and social problems. If you need to go to a concert and the phone next to you is always ringing, maybe loudly, I think that makes you very angry. Therefore, concert halls need to install cell phone jammers. On the one hand, it can prevent the ringtone from disturbing the music performers, and on the other hand, it can ensure a better experience for the audience. If you think such a place needs to be quiet, you can use a cell phone jammer to prevent cell phone noise.

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